About Us

About the Real Magic School

Real Magic School is a platform created to help scholars around the world gain access to free online courses, paid online course, scholarship opportunities, careers, and internship.

The need to build a platform like this became necessary when the unending demand from this field rose among scholars around the world. This is probably due to the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Meanwhile, you should know that one of our primary goals is to deliver the out of best this platform.

But if you feel that this platform should be a place where magics are taught, then you are getting it wrong. This platform has stopped being a magic school since 2011! It is now rebranded and repurposed.

So, if you find this rebirth a useful and great one. Do not hesitate to always visit it because our team are doing a lot to keep it updated.

Reach out to us on our official mail @

Thank you!